18th - 20th June 

Green ~ A Colour Guide for Painters

Tutor: Richard Pikesley

£295 (the price includes delicious home cooked lunches and refreshments throughout the day)
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Richard has just published a new book, 'Landscape Painting A Complete Guide' (pub. Crowood Press).

The workshop will take place in and around Summerleaze Farm, a beautiful lost corner of southern Wiltshire.

"Early summer is that time when the impenetrable green wall of foliage is beginning to solidify and dealing with this is something which seems to terrify painters! By keeping the door open for exploring all other aspects of colour mixing our three days could be a sort of colour feast." 

Sometimes painting landscape 'en plein air' can feel a bit like turning up and hoping for the best. And although magic does sometimes happen, approaching painting with a flexible game plan can greatly improve our chances of having a great session. This workshop will seek to look at ways of really engaging with colour in landscape, especially in a green landscape.

Although my own paintings are mostly in oil or watercolour, this workshop is suitable for those who work in any medium.

Method of Working

Painting starts with an immediate response. Seeing perhaps an effect of light which really grabs the attention, the first step will usually be a painting - made fast enough to get the moment down. Working with oil paint and watercolour, Richard works quite instinctively at this stage. The moment passes and he might then need more information especially if he feels it could become a bigger painting. The next stage will often be to make a more considered drawing, which might take several hours. Bigger paintings might be started in the studio and when practical taken back to the location and completed on the spot.

Biographical Details

Past President of The New English Art Club

1974 Elected member of New English Art Club
1973–74 University of London Institute of Education
1970–73 Canterbury College of Art, School of Fine Art
1969–70 Harrow School of Art