30th January

A Day with Rodin

Tutor: Charlotte Moreton

£105 (All materials provided).

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Rodin & Clay

Charlotte will introduce the day with a talk about Rodin's sculpture and a demonstration. She then plans to lead a modelling session with a life model. Participants will work directly from the model and produce at least one piece informed by Rodin. Charlotte is particularly interested in the expressive and dynamic nature of Rodin's work and will explore the way he worked with his models to construct his extraordinary pieces. She is particularly interested in the reasons why he broke away from previous sculpture traditions and how he created a completely new aesthetic space for future generations.

All materials are provided

Charlotte Moreton

Charlotte Moreton is an accomplished sculptor who trained at the 
Frink School of Figurative Sculpture (1999-2001). She combines sculpture and teaching with nature conservation work. She is based in Salisbury. Her sculpture is greatly influenced by trees and by nature. A recent trip to the Galapagos has inspired a completely new body of work.

"A very talented sculptor"

Jonathan Dimbleby

"What ever they are paying you, it isn't enough!"

Sir Terry Pratchett